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Yata traditional hotel


Mr Mohammad Rajabi  who is one of the inhabitants of Bayaze , repaired his fatherhood farm and inaugurated Yata traditional hotel in 1389 ( 2010 )

Yata hotel was built on the basis of Yazd traditional architecture. Yata hotel has the subterranean Canal anYata traditional hotel  placed in an old farm with fresh subterranean resource ( Ghanat ) . Some date palms, olive trees and pomegranate trees are raised in the farm.

The subterranean water is passed along the yard and precinct, the guests can relax beside it and have good time.


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  • Road to Bayaze

    1. Naein, Anarak, Chopanan, khor, Bayaze
    2. Yazd, kharanagh, Rabat poshte badam, Bayaze
    3. Shahrud, Moaleman road, Jandagh, Khor, Bayaze
    4. Ardakan, chak chak, Kharanagh, Rabat poshte badam, Bayaze
    5. Tabas, Khor, Bayaze